Dental Tourism Croatia

Why is Croatia a popular destination for dental work?
Dental tourism in Croatia has been popular for decades but in recent years there has been a huge increase in the number of tourists coming exclusively to do dental work. The reason being is that Croatian dental clinics offer high quality treatment using the latest equipment and techniques at very low cost compared to other western countries. Here is something you should consider:

  • A filing on just one tooth can save you enough for a round trip airline ticket from the UK to Croatia.
  • Root canal treatment can save you enough for a round trip airline ticket from the US to Croatia.
  • Dental implants & bridge work can save you enough so that you can buy a brand new compact car.

Why is dental treatment so cheap in Croatia and how much does it actually cost?
University education is free in Croatia. Dental students do not spend a lot of money towards getting their degree and are not in debt after graduation. Wages and cost of living is much lower in Croatia than in other western countries.

Patients can save as much as 70% on dental work compared to some countries. The chart below compares dental costs in the US, UK and Croatia. The prices are listed in US Dollars.

Croatia Dental Prices

How do you choose the right dental clinic in Croatia?  

 Step 1 – Do Some Research

  • Use Google to find dental clinics that are located in a city or town that you plan on visiting.
  • Look for dental clinic websites that have a price list and have before/after photos.
  • See if those clinics have reviews on Google, Facebook, or some other internet sites.

 Step 2 – Contact More than One Clinic

  • Send emails to a few clinics that you have researched and seem to be professional.
  • Tell the clinics what dental work you plan on doing and ask for cost and duration of treatment.
  • If possible, send a recent x-ray by email so the clinics can recommend what treatment you need.

 Step 3 – Ask More Questions

  • Ask for the name of the dentist or oral surgeon doing the work. Only a surgeon should be doing implants.
  • Ask what brand materials are used. The best brand names for implants are Straumann (Swiss), Nobel Biocare (Swiss) and Dentsply Sirona (USA).
  • Ask when payment has to be made. Choose a clinic that takes payment after the work is done.
  • Ask if the dental work has a guarantee, and the duration of the guarantee.

 Step 4 – Choose a Dental Clinic & Make an Appointment.

  • Choose the clinic that answered all your questions with satisfactory replies.

Is there any dental clinic that is highly recommend in Croatia?

SPLIT DENT is a very reputable dental clinic that offers more personalized dental care. It is a small clinic located in the city of Split owned by Dr. Blazenka Bilandzic. Each staff member has over 20 years’ experience and are fluent in English. You can send them your x-ray and they will be happy to give their professional opinion and make a dental plan for you free of charge without any obligation.

Here is their website:


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